*Don’t even think about it or I might have to break out into a musical number*

Well looky here. Grace is making a faves page. Why? In celebration of me reaching my first k, that’s why! I’m so thankful so I thought I’d make a faves page for all you lovelies. There’s only a few simple rules, but they’re super important to follow:


  • Must be following me (don’t lie, I will be checking)
  • Reblog this post (max. 3 times please)
  • Likes won’t count for anything, but you may like to bookmark :)
  • Must reach at least 50 notes


  • A follow from me (if I’m not already following you)
  • Be featured on this page (took me forever too make omg)
  • Any promo you want 5 times a week.
  • A new lame friend aka me
  • Gain followers and be all cool and get noticed :3
  • Help with anything you need! (unless its html cause I suck oops)


  • Tag a post with #flohwerz telling me a little about you, why you’d like to be picked, and what flower you wanna be. I’ll like it once I’ve seen it :)
  • Be a white/posh/modern blog (my style), but every blog is considered!
  • Have a clean blog, be active, and be nice to your followers.
  • Follow my fresh/light modern blog and message me.
  • Talk to me! I don’t bite…unless you’re chocolate.


  • Banner is transparent and made by Vanessa over at GoldenDesigns <3
  • You’ll be messaged if you’ve been picked
  • I’m going to pick about 10-20 blogs
  • I’ll pick when I’m happy with the notes (50+)
  • Follower count does not matter
  • Don’t hesitate to message me with questions :)

Please reblog this or I’ll look like an idiot.

~Grace xx



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